Should they insist on branding me as evil, I suppose it's only fitting that I aspire also to be necessary.

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Seems my shame has been uncovered and the play report released. A lot of mistakes were made:

- I did not realize the craftpriest could turn and should have taken out the mammoth/caused damage to units from the start.

- there was a dearth of leadership forcing a fatal splitting of forces on campaign level, the companies split would not have made a difference but the leaders might have. Especially allowing priests to move freely. However I maintain the split was the only correct choice strategically with the information available.

- a misunderstanding of loose foot made me hold back my furies, I assumed enemy archers could simply withdraw so it would be no use to charge. Could have rolled them on turn3-4, perhaps the whole flank even.

- was too cautious in general. Should maybe have moved more aggressively to the east side of the stream and headed for bottom-right corner of map, making a shorter line on stream and allowing me to concentrate power more. Or left the green division one hex to the north to make a better line.

- the terrain was too sparse, a mistake was made in setup of it. Small was used as default size, not medium as the rules dictate. A larger forest or cliff might have helped a little. My goal was to cause casualties and go down with honor, I did not consider the battle actually winnable.

- The split was necessary because there was only one supply base and losing it means losing supply. This is almost instantly fatal. Having nomads who can move 7 six mile hexes a day with significant forces present on the map means not trying to protect supply is very high risk. Especially when most available troops have too little movement to respond quickly.

- And of course the worst mistake, rolling terribly on several important occasions.

The win for the enemy was absolutely deserved though. They did have more forces and other advantages but they played better too.

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